ISO/IEC 27701 Integration with Puki® PIMS

Sustainability in GDPR is easier with Puki® PIMS

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ISO/IEC 27701 Integration with Puki® PIMS

With the ISO/IEC 27701 Personal Data Management System standard published by the international standards organisation ISO in 2019, it is aimed to ensure sustainable compliance with Personal Data Protection Regulations.

ISO/IEC 27701 Standard is a standard that is integrated into ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 standards in terms of its structure and applied by making changes on these standards. However, it includes the controls (administrative measures) that must be implemented for Data Controller and Data Processor organisations.

ISO/IEC 27701 Personal Data Management System standard designed to comply with personal data protection regulations;

- Annex A for data controllers and
- Annex B for data processors

requires the creation of Declarations of Applicability, which are generated from the controls.

Organisations using Puki® PIMS can easily create the Declarations of Applicability required for ISO/IEC 27701 on the system. Puki® PIMS provides the necessary support for compliance with the standard.

You can manage all the requirements of the Personal Data Management System in a very simple and effective way. If you want to closely examine how ISO/IEC 27701 Standard compliance processes are managed with Puki® PIMS, you can request a demo at Demo Request or by clicking the demo button on the top menu.


Need clarification?

❓Do I need a server to use Puki

You can use Puki application with On-Prem or SaaS model. When you prefer the SaaS version, you do not need any installation or server management requirements, you can use the system online from anywhere.

❓Does Puki comply with GDPR

Puki Technology. While fulfilling all the requirements of the Secure Development Life Cycle, it also takes into account the regulatory requirements. Puki ensures GDPR compliance in terms of technical and administrative measures and is hosted in London based data centres

❓ Why should I use Puki

We can list dozens of reasons to use Puki. However, when you want to ensure the sustainability of your management systems, Puki facilitates your activities. In addition, with its design suitable for teamwork, it prevents the work from being carried out through a single person in your organisation and ensures the distribution of tasks.

❓ Is Puki available for us

When you start using Puki, your organisation does not adapt to Puki conditions, Puki adapts to the conditions of your organisation. You can apply it without changing your existing policies in all processes from risk formula to internal audit.

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